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May 2, 2014 1:00am EDT
to balance or business interest in germany. you look at some of the traits they have what russia. it is the largest trading partner in the eu. seen her get increasingly upset with vladimir cutin. putin. of her relationship with barack obama, we have seen clear telegraphing from german officials is that they will put aside all of their nsa, the snooping, the eavesdropping and put all that aside. the focus will be how do you get the european union and the u.s. aligned with one voice. does that mean additional sanctions. what were they due to present a unified front? in some ways, they look at putinl as a kind of baye whisperer. they look to her tables translate putin -- to her to translate putin. it will been interesting conversation. courses might be a little bit early in the morning. >> i went into a whiskey distillery but there's only one catch, they haven't officially made any whiskey yet. is the first whiskey maker in london for more than a century. darren brooks, this is part of a wider trend towards craft brewing in the u.k. and a dayhree years for this to become whiskey. th
May 1, 2014 1:00am EDT
making me the least important person in germany because i'm working. >> i do feel sorry for him. >> you are definitely important to us. thanks for showing up. >> don't miss a conversation with t-mobile president, john legere on "bloomberg west." >> underscoring weakness. we are bringing in mia saini from hong kong. china has passed the biggest changes in pollution regulation and now we see this manufacturing member coming in lower than estimated. those are to some extent linked. >> that's a very good point. like hans, i'm working on my holiday and the chinese markets are closed for labor day, including hong kong. we have the april pmi figures coming in at 50.4, lower than the median estimate. march is 50.3. this is still expansion territory, anything above 50. really feeling the brunt of this because of the breakdown of the type of enterprises is that they are still in expansion mode while the smaller ones are contracting. that's 10% of the overall 50.4 number. the pmi reports from today and last week in terms of that consistently shows a decline in export orders this fight the pollutio
Apr 30, 2014 1:00am EDT
countries right now. really pushing hard to germany and france. kate mavs is not just a british style icon. she is a worldwide famous face. she has helped launch -- kate styles not just a british icon. she is a worldwide famous face. she has helped launch many -- i think it was in 19 [indiscernible] at the tender age of 14. this is why this is all about kate moss the business. she rates and 12 million pounds. gather inre tax x i >. collection good >> there was a stampede to get in when it was unveiled. people were snatching dresses off the racks. in the likes of -- there are many tactics. u.k.ct, if you're in the or from the united states, all of the designs of kate moss from nordstrom, it will be out before the rest is out good you can go online and start ordering. it will be interesting to see how many are there for ebay. still buy some of those dresses for 130 pounds. she does seem to be a bit of an icon. it launches across the world later. back to you. >> thank you. i look forward to that. think the the people strategy was to drink wine. [laughter] i'm sure that something a dangerous c
Apr 29, 2014 1:00am EDT
the contours of his huge industrial company in germany. they're about to announce that next wednesday. for them, it is really a fly in the ointment. i'm interested to see whether tomy do get that bid for als coming from siemens at all. these giantsh of will have the chance of winning? >> according to people who are boardg to alstom, their is leaning more towards ge. there are couple of reasons for that. you have less industrial overlap that you would with the german company. ant for import francois hollande. for him the most important thing is jobs and maintaining operations in france. energy policy ways on the government as well. in germany you have an energy policy where they want to scrap nuclear. france you have nuclear supplying 70% of their electricity. the final if you look at all of this is it could come down to the politics. when you ask a have to sell one of these big companies, it could be easier for france to sell a siemens offered that it would be for ge. snubfrance really want to the united states? it is a balancing act there. >> and people think of monaco, they think of casinos,
Apr 28, 2014 2:00am EDT
audience for ge's ceo and a rival bid from germany's siemens. settles a remarkable three-day scramble. hans nichols is in berlin to break down oust him down -- break down alstom's choices. are they going to be open on friday? >> they will not be open until wednesday. they have until then to , oneerate over one bid formal offer. it comes down to one crucial question. here is the ceo of an american company. do you ask for permission from the french government first before putting out that big? jeff himmel had the conversations with alstom. his board has approved it. then the french government got wind of it. today, he has a meeting with french president for an swap along. -- francois hollande. did he oron there is, should he have contacted the french state before he started getting everything in line? what has happened in the meantime, siemens has put together a rival bid. this is an asset swap. siemens would take the energy unit from alstom and give them the train unit. they are prepared to make guarantees for no job cuts for at least three years. it would make france the leader of rail and
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5